A Game Changer In The Modelling Industry

Do you know that modeling is a super powerful career? It is a good business that can make you a lot of money.
But, why is it that most people are not into the business if modeling pays a lot of money? Well, the answer is easy. It could be, due to sexual abuse from some scrupulous bosses.
You know what? We know all these challenges. That’s why we at Positive Image Concept have vowed to be a game changer in the modeling industry.
We are giving you this opportunity to enroll free, from now to November 18. You can be a model and make a lot of money for yourself without any risk or any kind of abuse.
 You are highly favoured if you are a maiden,  18 – 30 years of age, lives in Nigeria, Aba precisely. We are signing new models.
Are you talented to modeling? Have you always wished to be a model?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions: you are very lucky! Positive Image Concept is here to help you.
We’ve removed any stumbling blocks for you. You are not going to pay any single dime if you register from now to November 18 2018.
The choice is yours. Are you ready to make yourself a lot of money without risk of any abuse?
If yes, see you at our Head office No 3 Ogunshefumi Ikeja Lagos, for audition, or contact Positive Image Concept .

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